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Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Microsoft's Project Natal gives us a peek at a part of our future and takes us far beyond Wii.

In a not so very remote future, you will be a virtual handball keeper, gaming online with six team-mates and seven opposing players, and maybe your grandpa will join in as the referee? Your opposing team might be from and situated in China. You may well be playing in a league. You may even be mentioned on the sport pages. By all means, if you develop skills and become extremely good, carried forward by technologies that not just copy reality, but mimics it? You may even get an audience, who knows? - Hey, wait a minute ... Will people even be willing to pay to watch you? Perhaps Pizza Hut would like to join in with a special play-offs offer for all subscribers - worldwide?

And why go to the gym for aerobics? Why train baseball in the snow? What will the Natal, Mark X v.27.0.87 technology be used for at your local schcool? Your hospital? And what do you need that old-school flight simulator for, let's go flying!

Did I mention gaming? "Call of Duty XVIII - Real Bullets"? "Top Gun for home users"? "World of Birdcraft"? No? Well, just imagine ...

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