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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

CYBORG ANIMALS (Cybergenics)

When we hear the word cyborg (cybernetic organism), we usually think of electronically enhanced humans. But there is no reason - knowing what we know about human tech endeavours - to think that animals will be exempt from electronic reinforcements and "improvement".

It is not unlikely that e.g. professional military personel, police officers, private security guards will go for artificial joints and bones. An infantry wo/man who can jump three or four meters with ease or outrun any "normal" soldier, would of course have a tremendous advantage on the battle field. But what about dogs? Guard dogs? Bomb dogs, even a battle Rottweiler?

Would you like your cat to be able to talk? Sometime in the future it can be done. And if you were a beekeeper in the killer bee zone, wouldn't you gladly buy a pack of electronically reinforced honey bees that would send any attacking killer bee swarm into oblivion?

The possibilities are endless. And I'll skip the ethical issues at this point. I'll just recommend the results of the rather mind-boggling cybergenics Photoshop competition on worth1000.com. Food for thought, and beautiful pictures, so take a look. Or "beautiful" ...? Hm ...? Maybe not.

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This is the Dassault Vehra, a compact small spacecraft of great versalitity and flexibility. An impressive machine, indeed.