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Wednesday, 3 March 2010


When heat control of bugs and pests replaces chemical solutions, we'll all be better off. Except the insects and other small or miniscule organisms, of course. Your bus will be devoid of flies, your house will boil all larvae as you sleep, and your bed will become tic-free while you're at work.

"Rentokil says it successfully disinfested three floors of a hotel, containing 40 rooms, within just 24 hours, a process that would have taken weeks through fumigation. The company has also demonstrated that it kills all insects in buses within 3 hours, and would work in most forms of transport."

Those annoying little trips that enevitably used to accompany your bouquet of white lilies or your pot of organic herbs home, will finally be abolished. No ants will invade your basement. No more will you suddenly be startled, as midnight swiftly draws near, by the huge eight-legged shadow of the wolf spider on your living room wall. And as you sign your future mortgage, you will notice the words "Guaranteed Cockroach-Free" in a friendly 12 p font on page 3 of the lease.

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