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Monday, 17 August 2009


So far five books by me have been published, but I have never taken on a more difficult task than "Brent". It is a mammoth that lives its own arrogant life: 1000 pages, 2 volumes.

And I shall have to travel. Most of what is happening in the two books, takes place in a totally fictious environment, but there are also scenes and chapters from e.g. Amsterdam, Hamburg, Stoke-On-Trent, London, Copenhagen, Beijing, the Ukraine, Libya ... So I will have to travel.

In addition, there is only one Norwegian guy in the book, and the story takes place on many locations, but nothing in the books take place in Norway, my home country. So I get very little for free this time.

It is an expensive book to write. The advance money from my publisher is all used up, and it goes without saying that my travel budget is pretty high this time around. So my finances may delay me.

I hope to see Volume 1 on sale in 2010, but more likely it will be autumn 2011. As I write both volumes simultanously, Volume 2 will hopefully manifest itself the following year.

My previous novel "Bank" ("Rache auf Raten") was written in six weeks. "Brent" is and has to be a slow mover, demanding of me more time spent on thinking than actually writing.

But don't worry, it will come along nicely. However, the question "when" is somewhat irrelevant for me. When you get to read it, you will see why.

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