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Monday, 17 August 2009


"Brent" is not a science-fiction book, unless the definition of science fiction is "all fiction books about the future". One might maybe include "... that contains depictions of technology." But how is it possible, even remotely, to write about the future in our present days, unless the books in some sense depict technology?

So of course there is technology in "Brent", lots of it. But no more than there are vacuum cleaners and computers and refrigerators in any given contemporary novel.

The only tech thing I have done, is to nullify gravity in spacecrafts. But, my astronomy expert says, it can be done in a decade or two, so I just take it for granted. Wikipedia says exactly the same.

So Mac drinks his Lagavulin, and Kenny once owned a black Mercedes, and the news are on CNN. No Yoda, sorry.

I subscribe to the literary philosophy of naturalism, that the author should be as objective as possible. Thus, if anyone should look for "opinions" (mine) in "Brent", they will find none. I detest social realism. The technology and social relations in "Brent" are neither figments of my imagination nor the expression of my personal opinions, they are all based on what seems to be the prevailing concensus within the scientific community on any given matter, i.e. based on analysis, prediction and probability.

My publisher has equipped me with a number of experts in the form of university professors. I am already highly greatful for their advice and many wise insights.

"Brent" is quite simply a novel from the future. There are no laser swords, no aliens, no beam-me-ups. It is not a novel about space ships and electronic gadgets, it's a novel about people. And about the ancient battle between Good and Evil, two hundred years after the German philosopher genius Friederich Nietzsche wrote "Beyond good and evil".

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