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Monday, 17 August 2009


There is Brent, the Norwegian entomologist, of course. But while my previous novels have contained up to six major characters ("Sennepslegionen"), "Brent" contains no less than somewhere between fifty and a hundred clearly identifiable characters. So I have been re-reading "War and Peace" to study the great Leo Tolstoy's technique: "War and Peace" contains appr. thirty main characters and a myriad of others.

In Volume 1 we meet among others The Wilderbeest or just Beast, a former Dutch Army Commando; Nil, the ex-prostitute astronaut; Doc or The Doctor that performs strange experiments on cats; The Gamers; Oatie the Skin, the Stoke FC hooligan; Slug, the SSV rider that is also the NE champion of MMORPG; Anya and her German spacewalking OxyGel-loving twins; Oskari, the Finnish mechanic; Mathias, the ex-gayskin gone pimp; Tuna, the boxer with the spider tattoo; Stu, the Swedish Pirate CEO; Wee Jim, the Provanmill car thief; Moira, the Irish mystic; Kenny, the sadistic Chief Engineer; Annika, the Swedish-American multiorgasmic porn star; Paul, the dying amphetamine king; Lenya, the world's first freestyler on spaceboard; Ten, the Australian sniper; the extremely dangerous Chef, that runs the Pirate restaurant, as well as the rest of the Space Pirates, including their notorious Highlander Captain, the elusive Mac.

But with so many nice people aboard, there must of course also be a villain or two to balance them. Or, they are actually quite many in "Brent". Among them is a Bulgarian serial killer who enjoys raping and torturing pre-teen girls; a NYC cannibal; a Latino gang leader that, due to religious delusions, eradicated all the chicas in his street gang; a schizofrenic Catholic mass murderer that claims to be an angel sent to Earth to kill "demons", plus a bunch of members of various American street gangs and a few members of The Aryan Nation.

That is all just Volume 1, where we also meet the daughter of the newly elected Chinese President; a Turkman grocer with a cockroach problem; a friendly Russian mobster with a gold samovar; a 77 kg Boelboer dog called Reaper (and a pug by the name of Lancelot Richmond Wellington III, come to think of it); a transparent ghost; a "grandfather" from a Chinese Triad; a Swedish-American guitar hero and a handful of members of the Brotherhood of Islam, the last Moslem jihadists ...

In "Brent", the reader will become familar with the Second Feminist Revolution as well as the Gay Riots in Nashville, and will also learn how Hell's Angels survived the global ban on petrol transport. "Brent" is a novel with many stories and detours.

In Volume 2 we shall among others meet the Madam General Secretary of the UN, a female detective, a priest and a very, very evil man. A traitor shall return, 3D child porn will be made, a killer drug appears on the market and Brent sets off on a very long journey, out to the outer boundaries for man's forthcoming quest into Inner Space.

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